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NYC Architecture Tour

America's first restaurant. Described as "a scale of splendor, comfort and convenience far surpassing anything of the kind in this country".

US Customs House
A celebration of NYC's global trading success, it's covered with statues and faces representing the world's many races.

City Services Bldg (AIG)
Decorated with art deco sunflowers, pryamids, sunbursts and more, it's the tallest skyscraper in lower Manhattan.

Woolworth Building
The "Cathedral of Commerce", a gothic tower shooting into the clouds.

Chase Manhattan Plaza
Surrealist mushrooms adorn a modern plaza that sits among 1800's landmarks.

St. Paul's Chapel
Across the street form the World Trade Center, it has survived the city's two most devastating disasters, completely intact.

Look up on nearly any street and your gaze is met by gorgoyles in a myriad of shapes and sizes staring back at you!

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Gargoyle New York

New York Architecture Tour (NYC)

Lower Manhattan Architecture Tour

Architecture Lower Manhattan Experience Lower Manhattan's Architectural wonders from colonial Dutch brick to industrial era terra cotta to modern glass and steel.
American Revolution Tucked away on NYC's oldest streets we'll see beautiful terrra cotta artwork side by side with towering skyscrapers.
Learn the stories behind the structures that make the financial district unique in style and feeling.
Enjoy the way great architects used exteriors, the way fine painters use canvas, to create atmosphere and evoke various feelings in the observer.
Above us we'll see Greek temples, statues of gods, gargolyes, spires, glass and steel stretching into the clouds.

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The first terrorist attack on a financial company's headquarters took place on Wall Street in 1921?
Some of lower Manhattan's large office buildings are built on landfill dating back to the 1690's?
There is an Art Deco tower named for the author, Washington Irving?
Publicity consultants were once hired to promote the openings of new office buildings?
The phrase "skyscraper" came into use some time around 1883?


Where was the first completely fireproof tall building located?
Which city boasted skyscraper wars during the 1920's?
Where can you find the first double decker elevators?

NEW YORK, of course!

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